Pet Odor Elimination

Pet stains and odors are a source of concern for many of our customers. We offer an additional treatment to address these issues. Our pet odor eliminator is an enzymatic cleaning agent that destroys odors and bacteria at their source for odor removal.

pet-odorOur pet odor eliminator has been designed specifically for removing odors caused by urine and other offensive matter by digesting odor causing bacteria in carpet and upholstery. Our pet odor eliminator contains special PH resistant enzymes that completely eliminate offensive odors instead of providing a temporary mask. Because this formulation contains no harsh chemicals it is non-toxic and safe for use in the home. If you have pet odor concerns, please ask one of our knowledgeable representatives about adding this product to your cleaning order.

Due to the varying circumstances for customers with pet odor issues (some have several minor spots, others have entire rooms with severe repeat offender situations and others may just have one spot big or small), the cost for the enzyme treatment also varies. The cost starts at $20.00 and really depends on the amount of treatment product needed and the amount of time and resources required from the technician. Our Senior Cleaning Technicians will examine the issue, discuss it with the customer and provide a price for this additional service prior to applying any treatment.

Please take a look at the diagram for a better understanding of why pet odor issues require additional treatments not included in the cleaning services provided to customers that do not have this concern.


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